Online Parent Teacher Meeting

We are delighted to announce that we are trialing online parent teacher meetings at Our Lady’s Grove. I would like to thank all of our teaching staff for taking on the extra workload in preparing for this. We all acknowledge how important it is that parent, teacher and student all come together in unison to support each student in achieving their best.

I have communicated with all teachers that this short meeting will be an opportunity for them to provide you with some context of what they are doing in their subject and a rationale as to why they are doing it. A detailed progression report has recently issued which explains how each individual student is progressing within that plan. We hope that this meeting will support you to support your daughter in striving for her best level of performance.

We have teamed up with PTOrganiser to provide a platform with which you can decide the teachers you wish to speak to. Due to the numbers involved, each meeting will be limited to 5 minutes in duration. You will be asked to prioritise the meetings that you wish to happen by assigning numbers to each teacher; number 1 being your highest priority. The algorithm will do its best to assign you as many of the meetings that are possible. Your first job is to click on the link below and follow the onscreen instructions. You must complete this before 4pm on Friday 4/12/2020.

You will arrive on this screen. Here you will input the unique id number that we sent you in your personal text.

When you log in you will reach this page. You can inform us of your inability to attend by clicking on that option bottom left. If you are attending just number the subjects in order of preference. You do not have to list all subjects if you do not want to avail of all meetings. To finish click on the “I will attend the meeting please save my preferences” button.

The meetings themselves will take place via Microsoft TEAMS. This will involve you logging in with your daughter’s username and password. There is no other means by which to gain entry to these meetings. I would urge all parents to be very mindful of timings as teachers will have to stick rigidly to the schedule.

We will issue a timesheet on Monday so that you know what meetings you have been assigned and at what time. 6th Years will be able to organise your login either on their Ipad or another suitable device. You should have your video enabled before you join the meeting. Teachers will not be able to conduct the meeting unless they can identify who they are speaking to?

I would also urge all parties to have patience. We have never attempted something like this before and there may well be teething problems. Ms Lyons and myself will be in attendance to try to make sure all works as well as possible.

Kind regards

Colm Dooley