Senior Cycle Subject Choice Support Programme

Dear Parent/Guardians,


As part of the Senior Cycle subject choice process, TY students will complete a comprehensive series of aptitude and career interests tests.  These tests will happen on Friday 14th January in school   Students will complete the tests on their iPads and are asked to bring earphones with them if possible.    The results of the tests will be available to students and parents following the TY information meeting on Tuesday January 25th.


If a student is unable to come to school on Friday, they can join their classmates via Teams and complete the tests at the same time as their classmates.  The team meeting invite will be available on the TY team and sent to student emails.  If a student is unable to come to school on Friday or complete the test at home on Friday, they can do so at any point between Friday January 14th and Wednesday 18th January.


The link to register for the tests has been sent to the students’ email in the afternoon of Wednesday January 12th .  Students in school have registered for the tests.  Students at home are requested to do so before Friday January 14th. The registration process is very straightforward.  Click on the link and follow the instructions.  If any TYs at home have any difficulty with registration, please contact me via email


I hope that TYs will find these tests a useful tool as they begin the subject choice process.  We will explore in great detail together at the TY meeting on January 25th how to interpret these tests and how they form one part of a much bigger total subject choice process.


I look forward to meeting with you online on January 25th  , to answering any questions or queries you might have, and to working with you to support our students in their subject choice.

Best Wishes,

Rachel McDonnell