Lockdown Arrangements January 2021

Happy New Year to all of our community, Of course this is not the auspicious start that we were all hoping for at the beginning of the new year, but we now need to make the most of the situation we find ourselves in. As a school community we have been planning for this eventuality … Read more

OLG Physical Activity 2020

10th November 2020 Dear Parent /Guardian. I would like to provide you with some information in relation to activities and events that are being conducted as part of the P.E. Programme. A lot of these initiatives have been put in place to order to increase or maintain the activity levels of the students. Physical activity … Read more

**Covid-19 Updates**

19/10/2020 Our Lady’s Grove 8/9/2020 Covid-19 Absence Procedure Our Lady’s Grove 18/8/2020 Dear Parents/Guardians I have been anxious to write to you as soon as possible so that I can share with you the work that has been on going at the Grove in order to reduce risk for the return of our school community. … Read more