Using VSWare for the 1st Time

The link to the Our Lady’s Grove VSWare Portal is :

VSWare is the online system which tracks all of our students’ academic performance, attendance and behaviour. All of the written formative reporting on each student is now live and accessible for parents

Due to GDPR rules the school will not have access to your chosen password.

  1. The school will send you your Username by text
  2. Click on the link in the message or use the link above to access the portal
  3. Portal Screen
  4. Enter your username in the “login” box and click “create/reset password”
  5. Reset Password Screen
  6. Re-enter your username and the last four digits of the mobile phone number that received the text from the school. Click “Validate”
  7. Change password screen
  8. Enter the received SMS code and choose your password. Adhere to the password rules. Enter your password twice in the spaces provided and click change password.
  9. Please write your password down because if you lose it you will have to redo this process.
  10. You can now access your account through the portal screen entering your username and password anytime you want.

Should you encounter an issue with following this process please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01-2951913

C Dooley 2020

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