Dietary supplements for male potency rating of the most effective dietary supplements without side effects

Supplements for male potency: rating of the most effective dietary supplements without side effects
What dietary supplements for male potency are the best, are there any effective ones among them – we will study the rating of dietary supplements, their composition, cost and reviews.

Choosing dietary supplements for male potency: rating

A variety of dietary supplements for men for potency is one of the safe and effective ways to cope with problems from the reproductive system. Dietary supplements have many advantages over drugs. Therefore, there are more and more representatives of dietary supplements, and those wishing to purchase them. It is important to understand how the drugs affect men’s health, and how to take them correctly for the desired result..

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  • How to increase potency
  • Differences from medications
    • Pros and cons of dietary supplements
  • Domestic dietary supplements
  • Chinese Supplements
  • List of dietary supplements to increase potency
  • How to take supplements
  • Useful video: dietary supplements to increase potency
  • Conclusion

How to increase potency

Having decided to try the effect of dietary supplements to increase potency, you should look at the existing problem with The use of dietary supplements will be effective if you are engaged in healing the whole body, eliminating risk factors that could lead to a decrease in male strength.

If problems with sexual function appear, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will find out why the violation has occurred and will be able to recommend which drug to choose.

note! When choosing which dietary supplements are better for potency, it is important to remember that they do not start to act immediately.

To surely feel their effect, it is important to adhere to the basic rules for increasing potency.

General measures to increase potency:

  1. Food. For male power, urologists and nutritionists recommend adding walnuts, koumiss, ginger, spinach, garlic to the diet. Various hot spices will also be helpful. In this case, the predominant element should be protein. The sources are seafood, milk, fish oil, cottage cheese, low-fat fish, beef, and various types of cheese. It is recommended to add linseed and olive oil to the daily menu.
  2. Exercises. Physical education should be done every day, and exercises aimed at improving blood flow in the pelvic organs will be especially effective. You can watch on the Internet a special gymnastic complex to improve the condition of the prostate gland.
  3. Psychological comfort. Consultation with a psychotherapist is an integral part of increasing libido in young men who are faced with severe winstrol cycle for sale how to build a bigger stress that has caused impotence and decreased male strength steriods usa. Determining the root cause and working with it will be the key to eliminating the main factor of the violation, and then biologically active additives will become good auxiliary stimulants.
  4. Massage. It can be either a general wellness massage or a special transrectal massage, which involves massaging the prostate gland through the anus. Such techniques are considered curative and are used in urology to combat impotence and treat prostate pathologies..
  5. Medicines. It is necessary to resort to medication only when the doctor sees such a need. The reason may be various diseases of the genitourinary system, which caused the development of erectile dysfunction..

In some cases, the urologist can recommend effective physiotherapy procedures to improve erection. These include vacuum action and shock wave therapy. The effectiveness of vacuum therapy is due to the stimulation of blood flow to the genitals.

The shock wave technique involves the action of acoustic waves, which helps to restore damaged tissues. So, the first method can be used to prevent problems with potency, and the second will become a good way to treat pathologies that lead to erectile dysfunction..

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Differences from medications

Food biologically active additives, which are created with the aim of increasing potency, do not belong to medicinal products. Supplements and medicines have similarities and differences.

Similarities between Supplements and Medicines:

  • have certain pharmacological actions;
  • medications can also be of natural origin;
  • are produced in the same pharmaceutical forms;
  • have instructions for use, indications and methods of administration.

What are the differences between dietary supplements:

  • are not intended for treatment, but to maintain certain processes in the body, and can be considered effective preventive measures;
  • contain a minimum number of chemical compounds or are completely devoid of them;
  • do not have a clear chemical formula;
  • multicomponent plant composition;
  • physiological mechanism of action;
  • overdose is impossible;
  • have no contraindications, except for individual intolerance.

A dietary supplement for potency without side effects is a reality, but each drug has a list of possible adverse reactions.

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It can be concluded that these two groups of drugs have more differences than similar properties, and it is important to understand when to take the first, and when not to do without the second. A doctor who sees the current condition and knows how to fix the problem or prevent it in time will be able to help make a decision.

Pros and cons of dietary supplements

Biologically active agents, which include drugs to improve potency, have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is important to consider when choosing between them and drugs..

Benefits of dietary supplements:

  • the preparations include natural elements, plant extracts, waste products of some animals, which are easily tolerated by the body at almost any age;
  • the test results of individual active additives confirm their beneficial effect on men’s health, but the effect will differ, depending on the state of the body, age, existing diseases, weight and other factors;
  • do not have side effects, and there are only some contraindications, therefore, almost every man can take them with a preventive purpose;
  • prices for dietary supplements are often lower than for medicines, in addition, there is always a choice between several means.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • there may be intolerance to individual components, so you should always carefully read the description for each drug;
  • dietary supplements are rarely checked, their properties are not studied as carefully as drugs and generics, so their effectiveness may be in doubt;
  • long absence of result – if many medications begin to have an effect immediately, then the effect of food additives can be observed only after a while, at least a week should pass.

Domestic dietary supplements

Well-known and effective representatives of drugs for male potency:

  • Viardot Forte – from 220 rubles;
  • Vuka-vuka – from 450 rubles;
  • Red root – from 90 rubles;
  • Yohimbe Forte – from 350 rubles;
  • Ali Caps – from 1850 rubles.

The dietary supplement acts as a source of vitamin E (tocopherol), fatty acids, trace elements, phytosterols. Natural tocopherols, namely vitamin E, have a positive effect on reproductive function, improving sexual strength.

The use of this agent promotes an increase in the number of sperm cells, an improvement in their mobility..

increase potency

The Vuka-Vuka supplement contains the Zifo complex in tablets and capsules, it includes Securinega virosa, Ozoroa reticulata, Heteromorpha arborescens, Carissa edulis. Available in packs of 20 and 60 capsules.

Refers to a means of biologically active additives to improve sexual function. The substances presented are powerful aphrodisiacs. Reception makes sexual sensations more vivid, increases the stamina of a man, helps to increase the duration of intercourse.

Red root is a vitamin complex that has a good effect due to the content of the substance of the same name. The effect of the reception is manifested in increasing endurance, toning the body, reducing inflammation, relieving edema.

The tool has a positive effect on the activity of the genitourinary system, can be used in the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases, which are accompanied by impaired urination, sexual dysfunction.

Yohimbe Forte is a safe domestic analogue of Viagra, unlike other dietary supplements, it has an almost instant effect. The preparation contains extracts of ginseng, zinc and selenium. It is recommended to take it immediately before intercourse, and to obtain a lasting result, you should complete the full course.

The dietary supplement Ali Caps contains extracts of dwarf palm and eurycoma long-leaved, various amino acids, vitamins. Its cost is higher than all the presented domestic food supplements for potency, ranging from 1850 rubles.

Chinese Supplements

Representatives of effective Chinese remedies for potency:

Razorback on the Run

  • VigRX – from 2500 rubles;
  • The Emperor’s Secret – from 1300 rubles;
  • Chuncao – from 1550 rubles;
  • Hui Zhong – from 480 rubles.

VigRX – Clinical trials have shown that this dietary supplement works for 12 hours. Contains Korean Red Ginseng, Hawthorn, Sawed Sabal, Arrowhead Horny Goat Weed.

It has a fast and long-lasting effect, and its composition is completely safe for the body. It can be applied both once and as a course to consolidate the effect. The high cost of 2500 rubles for many becomes an obstacle to taking several recommended courses.

The Emperor’s Secret or Huato Sheng Wen is the name of one Chinese dietary supplement for better erection. The dietary supplement is one of the most popular in the PRC. Noticeable changes are observed already after a few days from the beginning of admission. The package contains 20 tablets, and for a lasting effect it is recommended to take it within a month.

Chungcao is a pill, a bioactive dietary supplement for men that has many beneficial effects on the reproductive clomifene citrate in uk this clomifene citrate system and sexual life. Reception is indicated with a decrease in potency against the background of inflammatory diseases and psychoemotional shocks.

It is recommended to take with decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, stress and fatigue. The instructions indicate that you need to drink ½ or 1 capsule half an hour before intercourse.

Hui Zhong Dan is a means to prolong sexual intercourse and increase sexual energy. The capsules are recommended for prospermia (premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction, stress impotence, stress, general weakness. Contains cordyceps, deer antlers, snow lotus, Korean ginseng.

List of dietary supplements to increase potency

  • Opti-Men – from 750 rubles;
  • Now Masa – from 750 rubles;
  • Super Saw – from 610 rubles.

Opti-Men – dietary supplement for men, is a vitamin complex. It contains a number of components necessary to maintain men’s health..

This complex has a general strengthening effect, has a positive effect on metabolic processes, increases libido, eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation. The package contains 90 capsules, which is enough for one course (3 tablets per day for 4 weeks).

Now Masa – the main component in this herbal preparation is the root of Maca Peruvian. The tool improves the functioning of the endocrine system, provoking the active production of sex hormones. It is not recommended to drink the drug with increased testosterone levels and other hormonal disruptions. A dietary supplement is taken in a capsule several times a day. One jar contains 100 tablets.


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Super Saw Palmetto is one of the best-selling and most effective dietary supplements in its home country. It appeared in Russia not so long ago, but became popular due to its low cost and stable result. One package of a food supplement contains 60 capsules, which will cost 600 rubles. To complete one course, you will need 2 packs of dietary supplements, that is, the total cost will be 1200 rubles.

How to take supplements

Their real effect will only be visible when applied correctly..

The intake of biologically active substances should be accompanied by the following actions:

  • medical examination, consultation with a urologist;
  • taking medications prescribed by a doctor;
  • compliance with the recommendations of specialists regarding nutrition and stress on the body;
  • consultation with a psychotherapist, normalization of the psychological state on the advice of a specialist.

Important! When choosing which dietary supplement to buy, you need to pay attention to the composition, manufacturer, effect and special instructions.

increase potency

You should give preference to proven drugs, reviews of which are freely available. The manufacturer should not hide the composition of the dietary supplement. It is important to know that certain substances in the composition of the drug may be allergic.

If, while taking a dietary supplement, side reactions are noted, which should not be, this indicates that this drug is not suitable for a man. You need to pick up another product with a different composition.

What to look for when buying dietary supplements for better potency:

  • the composition should be clear, if any components are in doubt, it is better to refuse to purchase, before buying, you can search the Internet for information about the different substances indicated on the packaging of the supplement;
  • if the cause of impotence or other disorders is unknown, self-medication can be ineffective and dangerous, before taking it is important to understand what the action will be directed to;
  • you should not trust manufacturers who promise a stunning effect from just one tablet, this is impossible, and all supplements begin to work after passing one or several courses;
  • reviews of biological supplements matter, and if they are from real people, you can understand what effect to expect, and whether it makes sense to make a purchase.

The place of purchase of the dietary supplement should also be verified. Now there are many ways to fake a drug and sell it as an original, which is what scammers use, adding useless or harmful substances to the composition. You need to buy on the manufacturer’s website, where you can also find out the necessary information about the additive, its effectiveness and application features.

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On the official resource, the manufacturer of the drug usually cites research results, publishes reviews. When buying a dietary supplement on a third-party website, one cannot be sure of originality, composition, effectiveness, in addition, there is a possibility of significantly overpaying (from several hundred to thousands of rubles).

Useful video: dietary supplements to increase potency


Supplements for men’s health show good results in the form of increasing male strength. In any case, before you start taking any funds, you need to find out the cause of the violation, and, together with the urologist, develop a scheme to deal with it. At the same time, dietary supplements will be additional stimulation to improve sexual function.

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