UCD Confucius Institute

Our Chinese programme offers students the opportunity to study Mandarin within our timetable, and to be externally accredited for the same. Students also get the opportunity to experience other aspects of Chinese culture including a subsidised TY trip to China. We achieved Confucius Classroom status in 2014. We are one of 200 schools worldwide who have attained that level.

Mandarin Learning and YCT Exams at Our Lady’s Grove

Students in Our Lady’s Grove undertake YCT (Youth Chinese Test) exams in order to support their learning in Chinese language. The YCT exams are internationally recognised qualifications, certifications of which provide future proof of our students’ exceptional proficiency in the language.

Our expectations are that focussed committed students will reach YCT level 4 by the end of their studies in Transition Year. Twice yearly students will sit YCT exams and an improvement in their scores is expected, until eventually they move up to the next YCT level. Naturally, as the levels of YCT increase so too does the difficulty of the exam. The exams are not only used to move levels but are used as instruments of assessment for learning for students and teachers to monitor and diagnose progression.

As the school issues payment for the exams for all students it is expected that every effort is made for the student to attend YCT exams. Going forward if a student has an unexplained absence for an exam they will not be registered for further YCT exams by the school.