Wriggle is a new brand brought to you by Irish-owned company Typetec, established in 1982.

Typetec employs over 40 people at its Dublin headquarters, with additional staff based throughout the country.Typetec has over 20 years experience as a trusted technology partner in the education sector, working with primary schools, secondary schools and third level institutions all over Ireland.

Wriggle understands the challenges facing the education system. With fewer resources available, there is still enormous pressure to transform the system to meet the needs of 21st century workplaces.

Wriggle has the expertise and experience to successfully integrate technology into the education environment: interactive and engaging digital content, affordable and easy to use technology and professional development for teachers to develop new digital teaching practices (pedagogies)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for iPad 1:1 Programmes

Parents often have questions and concerns about the introduction of mobile technology into the classroom and home learning environment. These questions are completely normal and can, in most cases, be answered quickly. Below you will find answers to the most common questions that we are asked in relation to these programmes. As always, your school has an open door to answer any further questions and would welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact your school or contact us for further information.

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How often will the iPad be used in class and for homework tasks?
The iPad will be used wherever suitable as an accompaniment to traditional teaching methods. It will not replace pen and paper but be used alongside it, to enrich our commitment to productive learning technologies. At home, the use of iPads will vary between subjects, depending on relevance to homework tasks.
Are students able to load their own apps and content on the iPad?
We are happy for students to upload their own content on their iPad outside of school hours, so long as this does not impede on the space needed for educational apps, textbooks and work. It is up to students to ensure that this content is suitable and in compliance with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy. Wriggle will place certain age restrictions on content for Apps, Music, Movies and TV Shows.
Who will monitor what apps each student is downloading and ensure that iPads are used appropriately?
The Department of Education internet connection, provided by HEANet, has a web filtering system will significantly limit unsuitable material from being accessed in school. Teaching staff will work to ensure iPad use is monitored in class time; however parents are responsible for monitoring websites visited in home time.There are parental controls on each device that we activate, restricting the use of inappropriate apps to certain age groups. We also encourage parents to ensure iPads used around the house are limited to open areas where their use can be checked by parents.
Why use eBooks?
Not only do eBooks reduce the weight of the school bag, reading over electronic devices is becoming increasingly important. Most textbooks will be electronic and we are negotiating with the textbook publishers to reduce the cost and assist in a small way with iPad cost. A list of subject specialist apps will be made available to students with all of the download information.
Can students use Facebook at school if they download the app?
When at school and using the school network, access to Facebook is blocked.
Can students visit unsuitable sites by tethering to the 3G network on their mobile device?
Whenever students are on campus, their iPad will automatically link to the school network. They will not be able to connect to their own 3G device while at school and this would contravene the school’s acceptable usage policy.
Will each iPad be password protected?
It is possible to put an access password on an iPad, and we enable that when the device is deployed. We recommend students use a password that is known to parents and kept in a safe place by parents.
Are iPads insured – what happens if they are damaged, stolen or lost either at school or outside of school?
The school insurance policy does not cover iPads. We recommend that all families purchase insurance through their personal insurance providers or the Wriggle scheme. Students should ensure that they take responsibility for their iPad and keep it in a safe, secure place when not in use.
Will the school backup the iPads of each student?
Students will be responsible for the maintenance of their own work and will be required to back up their devices regularly. Every iPad is configured to automatically backup to iCloud in the deployment and induction session. Backups can also be made by connecting the iPad to a home computer.


What happens to my child’s work if the iPad is damaged, stolen or lost?
All students using iPads are strongly encouraged to back up their own work and will be responsible for work that has not been backed up via iCloud.


Can I choose a different iPad or cover than those on the supplier site?
You are able to choose a different iPad or cover as you wish. The school discount will be provided pro rata to higher costs devices.


Will there be any information seminars?
Yes. Your school will run parent’s information evenings and will advise you of the date, venue and time in due course