Mock Examination Information

Please find a letter for 3rd and 6th year parents/guardians explaining the process we will follow from the 24th February. Timetables have been shared with the students.

Addressing all 3rd year Parents/Guardians and students,

In response to the announcement of the decision to cancel the Junior Cycle assessments in June, I wanted to communicate to you the principles underpinning the decision at Our Lady’s Grove to pursue Mock examinations for our 3rd Year students. When I met the girls in assembly last Friday I clearly communicated with them the expectation that the June exams would be cancelled. I explained to them that the Mock exams were now a diagnostic opportunity for both them and their teachers.

Most have worked hard consistently across the Junior Cycle and deserve independent feedback as to where they are at in the development of subject specific understanding, knowledge and skills. The feedback they receive will acknowledge and celebrate the level of work they invested.

Furthermore, as the school’s focus pivots from the June exams to the preparation of the students for Senior Cycle, our teaching staff will get a valuable insight into the skills and understanding attained by the students and the learning gaps that still exist between their current capacities and the baseline capacities required to be prepared for Senior Cycle.

The students are also getting the opportunity to experience a full suite of summative assessments which require them to demonstrate their grasp of learning across three years. Navigating the breath of the courses under examination, and the multi-day intensive nature of the exams, are skills in themselves. It is vital that we nurture these skills because the only current means of demonstrating attainment at second level is through examinations such as these, (Leaving Cert).

It is for these reasons, together with the continual need for focus, engagement and structure in the learning process that we intend to proceed with the plan that was communicated to both parents and students last Friday.

Many thanks for your continued support

Colm Dooley