1st Year Team Building Trip

Our First Years will be attending Larch Hill Adventure Centre in Tirbradden on Tuesday 13th October.

The link below will show you the location of Larch Hill on Google Maps


Students should attend school in their full school PE gear at the normal time of 8.25. They will travel by bus after their first class. Suitable social distancing will be employed on the bus transport.

The school will cover all costs connected with this adventure day. This includes the bus transport and the costs of the adventure activities.

Each student should bring a packed lunch and their school jacket. They should not need anything else. The students will be broken into four small groups to facilitate social distancing. All students will get to enjoy four distinct activities as detailed below.

Students will have to be collected by parents/guardians from Larch Hill. The collection time is 3pm. It is very important that parents stick to this schedule.

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation. We all hope that the girls will have a great day and will use it to build existing friendships and forge new ones too.

Kind regards

Colm Dooley

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